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Youngest Bridge Fundraiser Match To-Date!

Dylan showing her fundraising money and her data.

Dylan loaded up a jar with 3 bags of skittles and had neighbors and friends guess how many skittles were in the jar. The idea was for half of the money collected to go to the person who guessed the closest (plus winner gets to keep skittles ;) and the other half to go to the bridge fund to be matched by garden club. She collected $41.40. Total skittles was 1113 and our closest guess was 1223 guessed by Hollywood resident, Dave Gray , who donated his portion to the bridge  and told Dylan to “keep the skittles”. Should your young people create a game, sell lemonade/cookies, or would like to pass out flyers regarding out bridge fundraising - the Hollywood Garden Club will be happy to help and of course match any funds collected.

All fundraisers will be celebrated by the Garden Club and named as helpers of the Hollywood Bridge.

Thank you Dylan for leading the way!!

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