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March Minutes

We had a lovely lunch time meeting at the beautiful Spanish style home of Debbie Brazeal. Cathy gave updates on Home Tour (April 26th!) and our Ward 5 City Councillors Jennifer Andress & John Hardin spoke to the group about issues happening around Homewood.

Home Tour:

  1. Home Tour

  2. -Cathy passed out Birmingham Home and Garden article about Home Tour.

  3. Photo shoot with Over the Mountain Journal will be next week.

  4. -Looking for 3 tailgate tents to sell tickets on day of Home Tour.

  5. -each member is expected to purchase (sell) 4 tickets. Katie passed tickets out to members present at meeting.


John Hardin

  1. We are looking at refinancing our city bonds.

  2. -The Lutheran Church on Lakeshore is lacking membership but wants to stay at their location. They plan ground-lease the property to their right (where Boy Scouts meet) to create revenue.

  3. -Traffic study on 31 currently underway.

Jennifer Andress

  1. -Gave update on Hollywood bridge. It has changed from a pedestrian project to a road project.

  2. -Marriott crosswalk is coming.

  3. -A crosswalk is budgeted for Windsor Drive (pedestrian button).

  4. -Phase 2 Lakeshore Trail is next and done through the state. Working well with Samford and Homewood City Schools Foundation.

  5. -Beautification Board is doing several projects around town including painting the Shades Cahaba Tunnel.

  6. -BJCTA Magic City Connector is in Homewood.

  7. -Census is April 3. It is critical to participate  because Alabama could lose 2 Federal Congressmen in the US House of Representatives.

  8. -Parking downtown- The city did a total lighting upgrade in city parking garage. It is looking at adding angled parking on 29th Avenue bear Pastry Arts. It passed a 3 hour ordinance on Linden. There are 8 traffic studies going on around Homewood.

  9. -Council Roundtable is March 31st. It meets with other city council members on vaping, single-use plastics, recycling.

  10. -Homewood has a 32 percent contamination rate, for which it is charged fees.

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