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Hollywood's gardens are as diverse as the styles of the houses. Our tree canopy is dense in some areas and sparse in others allowing for a variety of plants and garden styles suited to their environments.

We have members who are knee deep in the dirt and those who prefer just to admire the hard work of others.  The Garden Club brings us all together to exchange ideas, civic information, and good company.  

Homewood’s Native Tree Planting Initiative

In 2014, the Homewood Environmental Commission in cooperation with the Birmingham Botanical Gardens initiated a program to replenish our community’s tree canopy by harvesting seeds from native local heritage trees and replanting the seedlings throughout our city. Past plantings are growing at the new Board of Education facility, near the Senior Center in Patriot Park, in an Edgewood triangle, and along the Greenway.

HEC has tree planting initiatives periodically - if you are interested in what trees would work best in your yard, contact the HEC for help on what might work best and if they have any current partnerships to get you a special price on your new tree.

“Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”

― Warren Buffett

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