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Want to Count Homewood's Urban Trees?

A project by the Homewood Environmental Commission:

More from the Amy Milam, member of the commission and Sim's Garden Caretaker: We really would love for the Hollywood Garden Club to have a team. It just helps for when the random sample plots fall in your neighbors yards that they see a familiar face, or at least have heard of your club, and therefore are more likely to let you come on their property. We will have name tags, vests and letters sent out to Homeowners and official papers for you to carry.  The actual inventory work is a do-at-your-own-pace kind of thing. There is no deadline really except that we should complete it before the leaves fall off this Fall.  Even just one team of two-three members from your club would be so great. If you are affiliated with scouts or other youth groups, this is a great opportunity for them to collect service hours and could be worked into a patch requirement.  Quick Details:  

The Alabama Cooperative Extension Service will be providing training for volunteers on June 11th and 15th from 9am to 12pm. The tree inventory will be focused only on Homewood and will rely entirely on volunteers! The HEC is prepared to make donations to your clubs for participating.  We need three-person teams of volunteers with one adult per team, to collect data on urban trees. The data will be used to conduct a tree inventory using iTree Eco. This will tell us about the benefits and impacts of Homewood's Urban Trees on public health, local hydrology, local ecology, climate and more! We would love for your troop to be involved!  The types of data they will be trained to collect will include: 

  1. Tree Species

  2. Tree Height

  3. Tree Width 

  4. Canopy Width

  5. Dieback

  6. Ground cover (under canopy)

For more information, please contact Amy Milam at 205.332.0949

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