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Missing Teen & Bonsai

Aniah is still Missing:

We are still missing one of our own, Aniah Blanchard. There is very little known other than her car was found last week, damaged, and there is evidence she was harmed in some way. If you would like to let her family know you are thinking about them and you are keeping vigilant- Dana Garvin is organizing getting the blue bows out - please email her at IF YOU KNOW OR THINK YOU SAW ANYTHING, NO MATTER HOW SMALL  - please call 334.501.3140 or (the anonymous tip line) 334.246.1391. 

Next Meeting Nov. 13th @ 6pm, 109 Bonita:

We will be getting to know Bonsai with Nan & Doug Unkenholz as they give us a tour of their unique specimens, a little history, and other fun tidbits about these tiny but intricate plants. Doug is also going to give us a demonstration of how to prune a Japanese Maple that Jon from Sweet Peas is loaning to us. It will be available for purchase after it is given a proper prune. If you would like daylight tour of the bonsai - you are welcome to arrive early.

Please consider bringing a snack or drink to the meeting - sign up here


The Halloween Spirit was high at Ginger Busby's house and Kathryn Ely did a great job giving us some tools for our holiday stress management tool box. We are going to be putting some of these on our instagram @HollywoodHomeTour and look for Kathryn @empowercounseling_and_coaching.  Other items & updates:

We have 6 bottle brush plants to place in a needy green space - if you think they would suit a triangle/circle near you - email us.

Home Tour Updates - We still need a couple houses - interested???!!!  Please email. We need committee leaders and members, email if you are interested. Be sure to look out for separate emails about the tour. **Everyone please block off April 26, 2020 from 12-4 to help.

Look for an email vote about our Shades Cahaba Winter Festival Sponsorship.

Pay your dues! Katie reported on membership - we have lots of new members-- Welcome!  Although non-member donations are down so please sign up for Plogging here and an updated New-Member Form here.

We look forward to seeing you at 109 Bonita hosted and lead by the Unkenholz's on Nov 13th- Bring a friend!



See you next week - until then enjoy the changing fall colors!

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