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December 4, 2019 Minutes - Stephanie Lynton Home

Dec 4, 2019 Hollywood Garden Club Minutes

Where: Jayne Pool’s house, 6:30pm, Stratford Circle

General Announcements:

Holiday Greenery: Most have been porch dropped, but some remain to be picked up. Please have them up by this weekend, Dec 8th, 2019. Thank you to Michelle Hill for hosting the organizing and for Nicole Alberson & Katie Tipton for recruiting and leading the charge of getting them bagged and out for members to deliver.

Bows for Aniah: Thanks to Ginger Reuve & company for making and delivering to our last meeting. More bows are available on Lindsey Chitwood’s driveway. Update: Leave bows up as long as they look good. The Family appreciates the continued support until justice is served.

Card for Montgomery Family. Elizabeth Montgomery, daughter of relator Johnny Montgomery (Poinciana Dr) who was killed during a domestic violence dispute. Reminders to think about smart gun laws and contact your representative with your concerns - she had a restraining order against her killer and he was a member of our law enforcement community. Domestic violence affects us all - please know how you can get help or resources you can have for others in need:

Domestic violence affects us all, it is often hidden and comes in many forms that aren’t visible. Please ask for help when you need it.

Tonights Programming: Semi-retired lawyer turned Designer Stephanie Lynton was there to speak with us about planning and executing a party - during the holidays and all year round. Stephanie's home was featured in Birmingham Home and Garden in 2016 and she has been designing for others ever since. She is a lover of color and is not afraid to make a bold statement. One thing we did not talk about was her talent for cakes - we will have her back one day to share some of those secrets too!

Highlights from Stephanie’s Outline:

8-12 Weeks Out:

  • Check calendar for conflicts (birthdays & football)

  • Venue

  • Vendors: Caterer, florist, musicians, valet, cleaning service, etc

  • Guest List

  • Mail save the dates

  • Order invitations

4-6 Weeks Out:

  • Create Master List - Buy, Borrow, Rent, To-Do

  • Create Grocery List

  • Place order for desserts if you are not making them yourself

  • Finalize decor/theme, update florist/design help with any changes

  • Do a Chronological Walk-Through of the event space, like a guest who arrives at your party - helps to determine the flow of the party

  • Reserve rental items

  • Order any specialty items - printed napkins, monograms, place cards for seated dinners, etc

  • Determine menu & signature cockail

  • Select & purchase party favors

2-4 Weeks Out:

  • Mail/Email Invitations

  • Edit Master list with walk-through items

  • Playlist - personal or with a DJ/Musician

  • Finalize Menu - communicate with caterer; if you are preparing the food at home-only serve one main dish hot, the rest should be room temp so you can enjoy the party (if trying a new recipe, perfect it now, party night is not a good time for a new recipe)

  • Decide your outfit - head to toe; book pre-party appts for hair/nails/etc

  • Finalize childcare arrangements

1-2 Weeks Out:

  • Contact guests who have yet to RSVP

  • Update master list

  • Gather/Purchase votive candles, hand soap, & guest towels for bathroom

  • Set out all party items to be used - glassware, plates, flatware, serving pieces, linens, etc. Polish, press, clean candles, etc

  • Finalize playlist - tip- softer music during dinner

  • Confirm details with vendors

1 Week Out:

  • Give caterer final head count

  • Plan seating if seated dinner

  • Purchase wine & spirits

  • Put together party favors

  • Check Ac/heat/fire pit/party lights/fireplaces/AV systems

  • Clean out coat closet/set up hanging rack

  • Rearrange furniture

  • Clean windows

  • Prep checks for vendors

  • Alert neighbors if you will be disturbing the normal flow of traffic

Day Before Party:

  • Final walkthrough

  • Prep all tableware

  • Final check on systems, lightbulbs, etc

  • Check icemaker or make room and buy ice

  • If having a bartender - ask them for numbers on napkins, glassware, mixers they will need

  • If cooking - print recipes and get out platters/bowls/plates set up to receive food. Pull things from freezer made in advance

  • Put all candles out with lighter

  • If making a toast - practice today

  • Set the tables

Day of Party

  • Clean house

  • Gook

  • Arrange and put out flowers

  • Chill Wine/Beer

  • Set up Bar

  • Set out party favors

30 Minutes Out:

  • Be dressed

  • Set lighting/Light candles/Turn on Music

  • Uncork wine

  • Party Time

  • Greet guests at the door for at least the first 30 minutes

  • Offer a drink as soon as they enter

  • Relax and enjoy your well planned party

Thank you very much to Stephanie for giving us some tips and tricks on throwing a party. Stephanie would love to help you with your design needs. She can be found at and/or just follow colorful creations and travels on her instagram

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