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Successful 1st Meeting at Sweet Peas

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

Jon was an excellent host at our first event this year - despite the warm evening we got to meet some new members and catch up with current ones. There are some new plants out there that you should check out and he has some bottles ready to put together your own (with their help if you would like) terrariums complete with a solar powered cork light - they are pretty cool and would be a unique table center piece or gift for someone with or without a green thumb.

Still need letters dropped off here is an updated file and link to the SignUpGenius - thanks!

Little Lime lights - same blooms with a third of the space needed. They can even go in pots!

Sweet Peas bringing in the color

Official Minutes:

Opening Meeting at Sweet Peas Garden Shop September 18, 2019

Lindsey Chitwood opened the meeting. -Next meeting at Ginger Busby’s house in October. -Update on Pedestrian Bridge Project fundraising $11,606.45. Garden Club's match is $5000 of that total.

-Pam Cezayirli volunteered to be VP of programs. -Hollywood Halloween Festival will be October 26. Volunteers and candy needed. - September 21st at 10:00 am the Homewood Historical Society is having a program on the Pink House at the Homewood Library. Good news, it was sold to Holly Ellis! - The Homewood Historic Preservation Commission will host a public forum this month entitled "Prosperity and Preservation: Can Homewood Have Both?" with speaker Pamela Sterne King, President, Alabama Trust for Historic Preservation. September 24th, 6:30-7:30 p.m., Homewood Public Library Auditorium. - Jeff Foster who does maintenance gardening for the Garden Club has held off landscaping because of Spire’s work. -Home tour Committee signups were opened. Please sign up- early and often! - Jon Culver from Sweet Peas highlighted a few Fall plants to include little limelight “little limes” hydrangeas, climbing hydrangeas, ascot rainbow, carnivorous pitcher plants, mums, and various container plant combinations. Due to the heat, he will honor a 20% discount for those members in attendance at a later date.

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